Rifle Stock P3

Since I lost a bunch of posts about this when the site was taken down, but here’s the broad summary: Hybrid competition / lightweight hunting stock Removable weights in forend and butt for balance and recoil management Canted, sided grip for improved ergonomics Adjustable comb so you can actually remove the bolt / have other… Continue reading Rifle Stock P3


Rolled back

It appears the site was hacked in the last week – I’ve rolled it back to an old version and updated everything, but unfortunately this means some content is lost – mostly videos of the annealer, and some rifle stock updates. When I get around to it I’ll replace them (I do have back ups… Continue reading Rolled back


Nearly there…

Few more issues to iron out, but we’re back. I’m behind on updates for the rifle stock too, so I’ll hopefully post up the new bits soon.


P2 vs P1

Progress is slowly creeping onwards – I’ve laminated the red beech blank together, ready to ship, and the CAD for the P2 prototype is just about finished. Here’s a brief summary of the improvements from P1 (top) to P2 (bottom) In tangentially related news, I’ll soon be adding the Ruger M77 hawkeye geometry as an… Continue reading P2 vs P1


P1 Prototype

Rob at HTC did an AMAZING job!                 Now to do a bunch of sanding, a bit of dremel-ing, check fitting, seal the inside, stick it together, sand the outside, bed the action, seal the outside….