Surfacing progress

I’m definitely improving with Rhino – there’s still a lot of surface optimization to go into the grip area, but I’ll wait for until I’ve printed and validated the current geometry before I refine it further. I’m also looking into stippling for the grip – another hangover from Anschutz I really like.    


New grip 2

This is the 2nd grip prototype I’ve made for the P3 stock. The width and angle feel great, I will modify the palm swell and add something of a thumb shelf for the future. The next design prototype needs to feature a (dummy) trigger so I can confirm that the reach is correct.


P1 Prototype

Rob at HTC did an AMAZING job!                 Now to do a bunch of sanding, a bit of dremel-ing, check fitting, seal the inside, stick it together, sand the outside, bed the action, seal the outside….

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Back to it

After a lot of mucking around, stalling, being stalled, things are looking positive to get prototypes 1 & 2 built out of Wellington. I’m not doing any further development on the stock until I get P1 back in my hands, as I think at this stage it will be largely pointless as there will be… Continue reading Back to it