Lattice Lamp

So about 2 years ago my good friend Andrew Just designed some skyscrapers for his final year Architecture degree project, which were based around the structure of the Venus Flower Basket which is this super cool deep sea sponge made of glass.

I did the modelling the  design for Andrew in Blender which – was naturally a total nightmare – but this method of creating complex structures kind of stuck around in my head for a bit, and more recently I began thinking about how it would be interesting to play with how it might affect light, and thus designed this (sorry about the shitty photos – I’ll put some better ones up tomorrow.)















It’s 3D printed through Ponoko (I work there) in the Durable Plastic material. It’s actually pretty strong, despite getting down to nearly 0.5mm in places.

This is just quickly strung up as I haven’t properly figured out what kind of light source I want to use just yet.

More (better) photos & some renders tomorrow.