Rifle Stock P3

Since I lost a bunch of posts about this when the site was taken down, but here’s the broad summary:

  • Hybrid competition / lightweight hunting stock
  • Removable weights in forend and butt for balance and recoil management
  • Canted, sided grip for improved ergonomics
  • Adjustable comb so you can actually remove the bolt / have other shooters use it
  • Adjustable recoil pad height
  • Integrated picatinny rail

If these two look like different silhouettes… they are. I’ve rebuilt this several times, and I’ve decided I’m OK with going for a slightly wider forend (non cross section image). It will mean it’s stiffer, and won’t cost much in weight.

Speaking of weight, the adjustability (as well as the use of bottom metal & magazines) in this stock will mean it’s a bit heavier than P2. I’m OK with that, I’ve decided – I think it will still be “competitive” and it will significantly increase it’s useability for different applications.


Yes, those are  barrel vents, and yes, I’ve been shooting an Anschutz in .22LR.