It’s rough as guts (but rather fun). Obviously there’s loads of issues, but I’m just trying to get the weight and silhouettes looking dynamic and convincing.              

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Changing tack

I’ve decided to push ahead with a finished model of this – I don’t want to rig it, but a fully sculpted and resolved still will be fun. So, I get to experiment with poses and fiddle around to make the weight, intention and moment feel convincing. It’s tricky.            


Sculpting 3

Cycles now really not working. I have 9 million vertices and it’s just tanking – memory usage skyrockets and Windows 7 boots the whole program 🙁 So I’ll probably stick with Blender Internal for now as it’s super slow but gets the job done. Rather frustrating to say the least.          … Continue reading Sculpting 3


Sculpting 1

I am forced to begrudgingly admit that Blender’s sculpt tools are actually pretty good. The only flaw seems to be that it simply cannot handle huge amounts of vertices the way Sculptris / Zbrush can – but I can be hopeful that this will only improve in future.              … Continue reading Sculpting 1