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Shot 2 rough

And by rough, I mean….. really rough. Tough to bring myself to post this, but I thought it should be here. Warts and all. The list of things to fix is as long as my arm, and includes, but isn’t limited to: Focus is rubbish Weird timing issue where the framing overlaps don’t work Timing… Continue reading Shot 2 rough

Animation · Modelling

Brute force

Unfortunately there’s no way to keyframe layer visibility in Blender – which would make this process (particularly this shot) about %100000 easier. As it is, I’m having to render large sequences of frames, and then edit the flickering between them in post – resulting in a huge number of rendered frames not making it into… Continue reading Brute force

Animation · Modelling


Here’s something to prove I haven’t been totally idle. There’s some pretty hairy blurring that I’m not especially fond of, but I want to try it comped together and in motion before I make any calls as it might be totally fine.                

Industrial · Modelling

Bare chassis

I’m getting really close to finishing off all the fiddly details I’ve been avoiding. Render times are pretty silly, but I don’t think I’m too fussed at this point- I have several machines I can steal cycles from so I just want to get everything looking right then start grinding away at the animation.  … Continue reading Bare chassis